Restaurant Review: Skinny Pig Pizza Shack

Do you tend to frequent the same restaurants over and over again? Isn’t it getting boring? I was bored with our usual and decided to look to Yelp for a new recommendation. We ended up at this new jewel called the Skinny Pig Pizza Shack.

The owner greeted us at the entrance with a warm hello and her daughter (one of them) showed us to our table. The dining area is small, cozy and inviting.

We were then informed everything is gluten free and high in fiber. My husband looks at me with concern. We are thankful to have excellent health and no need to eat gluten free. And with that being said, despite the numerous product samples and friends’ best efforts at trying to make gluten free doughs and breads taste good to us, we simply prefer wheat products. I was still excited to try it and my husband is a good sport and was willing to give it a go.

The appetizers all sounded amazing: fresh fruit skewers, veggies, guacamole and bacon and more. We tried the vegetables and cheese grilled: amazing!!

Grilled Veggies and Cheese
Normally, I don’t even care for mushrooms but I ate every last one in this bowl of deliciousness! It is full of flavor, creamy and you cannot get enough! Although this is not low calorie thanks to the delicious cheese, it is dense in nutrients and high in fiber. For me, this could have been my entire meal. It was a generous portion and satisfying.

Guacamole with bacon and cheese crackers
My husband ordered guacamole with bacon as his appetizer. It came with gluten-free cheese crackers, which were delightful. This also could be a meal in itself or you could easily share this with 3-4 people. It is so, so good. Fresh, different and satisfying.

After the appetizers, I was super excited. This is clearly a lady who knows how to cook and how to use vegetables and make them taste delicious. When the pizza arrived, I was surprised at the large portion. It is sold by the slice or by the entire pizza. We ordered slices to try a variety of flavors. The dough was soft and tasted just like pizza dough. We both really liked the tomato sauce. Every slice of pizza was delicious.

This menu made me think of my friends and patients who struggle daily with real health issues. It can be extremely difficult to be able to go out and enjoy food in a typical restaurant. This place could be a little reprieve. The work has been done for you. The menu has the nutrition facts and the carbs counted for those with diabetes.

The owner shared her story with me. She developed the idea for this restaurant from her own struggles. She is very passionate about this restaurant being enjoyed by all people, even those who have medical problems that limits their food options. She has walked in those shoes and want her restaurant to be a place where people with celiac disease and diabetes can bring their friends and families to enjoy a meal without worrying about their disease, even if it be for only one meal. Everyone will enjoy it. Please go try it out and enjoy!!

I didn’t go to this restaurant for a blog post, but I loved it, and thought, I should share this new hidden jewel. Check out their facebook page.

A hand made children’s menu for my son to color while we ate!

My sweet boyfriend, and I had a tasting at the {Skinny Pig Pizza Shack,} tucked away in {Old Town Spring} in Spring, Texas. This “hidden gem” is an adorable shack, and it opened up less then two months ago. The {Skinny Pig Pizza Shack} specializes in Low Carb {Gluten-Free} Gourmet Pizza, and the concept is making {Healthy Food} that tastes {AWESOME!} Their pizza crust looks, and feels like “traditional” flour crust, but they use absolutely {NO} flour! Super awesome right? The {ENTIRE} menu is {Gluten-Free,} Low Carb, Low Sugar, Low Glycemic Load, High Fiber, High Protein, and no Trans Fat! The co-owner, and executive chef April is a mother of eight kids, and she lives the {Low Carb} lifestyle. She is an incredibly sweet, and intelligent young woman, and I am extremely confident that she will be very successful with the {Skinny Pig Pizza Shack!} 🙂

My {FAVORITE} item from the {Skinny Pig Pizza Shack} was the {Hot Skinny Chick} pizza, which consists of chunky pulled chicken, drenched in {Low Carb} wing sauce, spread over their homemade cheese crust with sauce, fresh shredded cheese, and topped with fresh herbs. The crust is absolutely phenomenal, and it actually looks, feels, and tastes like {REAL} crust, but it doesn’t even contain flour! Pretty remarkable right? This pizza is over-flowing with flavor, and the freshness of the ingredients is very apparent.

The {Skinny Pig Pizza Shack} also makes heavenly side items, which includes their {Loaded Mashed “Mock” Potatoes,} and {Cheese Chips.} The {Loaded Mashed “Mock” Potatoes} are delectable, and you won’t even realize that they are made from mashed cauliflower. They are Low Carb, {Gluten-Free,} contain no sugar, and {NO} starch! This side dish is packed with flavor, and the creamy texture is divine. The {Cheese Chips} are utterly addicting, and the impeccable texture makes them perfect for dipping in their fresh guacamole. Also, all of their dressings, and sauces are homemade, and severely scrumptious!

Can this place get any better?? Ummm… YES!! They even serve DESSERT!! We sampled the {Strawberries N’ Cream Mini Cake,} which is cool cream, and fresh strawberries, layered between their homemade almond-vanilla mini cake. This was {ONE} of the best {Gluten-Free} cakes that I have ever sampled! The texture was absolutely splendid, and the super simple cake was loaded with delicious flavor. I have been {CRAVING} this cake, ever since I first sampled it. This {Strawberries N’ Cream Mini Cake} from the {Skinny Pig Pizza Shack} is my newest OBSESSION!! 🙂

I HIGHLY suggest that you that you try the delicious, and HEALTHY food from the {Skinny Pig Pizza Shack} as soon as possible! I PROMISE that this “hidden gem” will surely shock you! 😉

And I’m Out,
{My Gluten-Free Life}
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5 star 10/12/2014
OH….MY….GOD……. I’ve NEVER had a pizza this superb in all my life. The owner even approached me while waiting for it to be made to see how I was doing. WOW!! Very refreshing in this day and time. I seriously took ONE bite and just about fell out of my chair because it was honestly OUT OF THIS WORLD FANTASTIC!! I could taste every ingredient and knew it was absolutely the freshest. I ordered via phone for take out and brought it home for hubby and I. When I was walking back to my vehicle, I was actually stopped by at least 5 people asking where this place was because of the wonderful smell wafting from the box. My hubby said that he hadn’t tasted pizza like that in 20 years and believe me, that is saying something!! (He’s knows pizza pies from Chicago and this reminded him of that type of pizza) When we were finished eating, I was full and satisfied and not feeling sluggish at all. I actually called people after eating and told them that they really really need to try this place. Definitely will be back. This is an absolute GEM in Old Town Spring.
Amy S.
Spring, TX

5 star 8/3/2014
It is so hard finding places that cater to our crazy GF/low carb lifestyle…this was a wonderful find! They don’t have a TABC license yet, so when we ordered they told us of a place within walking distance where we could snag some wine. When we came back our order was ready. We started out with their guacamole with bacon, served with cheese chips. O, yum! Then we got the entree of a low carb / gluten-free pizza with pulled pork, barbecue sauce and cheddar cheese…heavenly! Then we finished with both the scrumptious vanilla and chocolate mini-cakes. The owners came out and spoke with us. Such down-to-earth nice folks! This is a great restaurant with a real home style feel that is great for families who like to eat healthily. Check them out!
Paul P.
Cypress, TX

5 star 8/3/2014
These guys NAILED IT! Place looks like it would be at be in Roundtop (think somewhere between “rustic” and “a shack”). Just scarfed their Apple Smoked Bacon Guacamole and cheese chips. It was freakishly tasty, amazing stuff. We ordered a whole pizza, half and half Full Boar and Hippy Hog. Hands down the best tasting pie I ever ate. The tomatoes, bacon, pepperoni, onion, mushrooms and green pepper… no taste gets hidden. Fantastic. Believe them when they say a pie feeds four. Had Strawberries & Cream Mini-cake for desert since it was low carb and (like everything else). It was worthy to accompany the rest of the meal with seriously tasty strawberries and just the right amount of whipped cream. We will be back (often). Oh, and they have free wifi.
Rick H.
Round Rock, TX

5 star 8/2/2014
As a (newly diagnosed) celiac, I’m usually very disappointed by pizza places. I usually have to order a sub-par salad and ice water while my family and friends get delicious pizzas and beers. So imagine my surprise upon reluctantly walking into Skinny Pig during a trip to Old Town Spring with my family just to find out it was really catering to ME! Now, many gluten free pizzas are sub-par at best. Dense, weird-tasting crust. But oh. my. gosh this is incredible! Light and delicious ALL CHEESE (and egg) crust! Whaaaaat?! Yes, it’s true sorcery at its finest and I love it. I was truly shocked and in disbelief when I heard that the crust was all cheese (and binding agent egg). No rice or potato flour of any kind? MIND. BLOWN. The toppings are on point (meat lovers rejoice! But my mozzerella, basil, and tomato pizza was pure perfection), but the crust is killer. I can’t even. Also, they have NO wheat in the kitchen so I can shove my face with delicious cheesy goodness without worrying about cross-contamination! I also love it because it’s just so good that EVERYONE (food allergies or not) will love it and I don’t feel guilty for forcing people to eat GF pizza. I’ve only ordered the pizza (by the way, 2 slices will fill you up the rest of the day but if you do order a whole pizza, don’t worry because we all know that leftover pizza rocks!) but the sweet lady in the amazing dog boutique next door (go there too!) said the cauliflower mashed “potatoes” are out of this world. If their stellar pizza and great service are any indication of the rest of the menu, then I can’t wait to go back!!! Well, really I can’t wait to go back because PIZZA but I HAVE to try everything else on the menu now too. Oh and it’s BYOB, which I love! Now I can bring all my own special GF beers!!!
Emily S.
Fort Worth, TX

5 star 9/23/2014
Awesome low carb food and it is HfLC friendly this pizza is so good it passed the morning after cold pizza for breakfast test. These people rock
Liz S.
Spring, TX

5 star 7/14/2014
Excellent experience at the Skinny Pig! Friday night picked up a pizza and did a PAR-bake to finish at home! Chef April was so helpful! Family loved it and we will be back again! Order the mini cake too which was a yummy treat!
Kelly P.
Spring, TX

Delicious gluten free menu! It’s so nice to walk into a place and not have to worry about the possibilities of contamination.
Larissa A.
Spring, TX

This is a great destination for anyone eating low-carb and has a craving for pizza. The pizza is delicious, satisfying and filling–one slice filled me up. We followed up with the strawberry cake, which was delicious.
Marc C.
Houston, TX

This is one of those ‘clean eating’ places that is so hard to find! I am constantly on the lookout for healthy alternatives to eating out, and this is definately one of the better ones. The pizzas are nutritionally dense and absolutely delicious. The menu has enough of a variety to make it interesting. I got a couple of take and bake pizzas and they were as delicious at home. The owner knows her stuff and everything is unprocessed and home made. Absolutely wonderful!
Saera E.
Spring, TX

Yelp Reviews

This place is AMAZING!!! Tried it yesterday, finally!!! I think I will have to drop by once a week to get a fix…Ate some cold pizza for breakfast…it was delish…don’t know if I love it better hot or cold!!!!
Jaclynn Taylor

I’m a huge pizza enthusiast (pizza snob). I was skeptical but I gave it a try. Mind Blown!!!!!! Amazingly delicious!
Nicole Marra

Honestly the best pizza I have ever had. The owner and her daughter were a complete delight. Can’t wait to go back.
Kasey-Shane Dickens

Great pizza, and friendly staff
Matthew Smith

Amazing Pizza Gluten Free and Awesome Customer service!
Carol Deville

So glad our new neighbor has finally opened but it was worth waiting for! Had my first lunch from there and not only do you not have to feel guilty about anything you order from there because its all healthy but their prices are very reasonable and you couldn’t meet nicer people. Another plus? They are dog friendly!
Shelly Smith

Awesome gluten free pizza!
Cody Anderson

My husband and I just enjoyed pizza lunch at the Skinny Pig. Delish! My husband went to support my GF needs but after eating his first piece of pizza he said, “this is the best pizza I have ever had.” I ditto that! We are home now and have already decided to go back tomorrow.

Best pizza ever!
Paul Ehmer

Absolutely delicious!!!! I had no idea (and frankly doubted) that gluten free, low carb pizza could taste that good! Go try it!
Sandra Loomis McMahon

Incredible! My first pizza in 3 years! Kids loved it, I loved it!! Can’t wait to go back!!
Amy Elwood Cassels

So excited to have discovered a great pizza place that gives this mama peace of mind! My daughter is GF & loves pizza…not too many good options available. Thank you!!! We are sure to be back soon!
Tim and Meagan Peters

Never had gluten free crust, but LOVED it! I had gastric bypass surgery last year so I don’t eat pizza often because the crust is too filling, but your wasn’t. It was very light and delicious!
Wendy Harwood

I ate my lunch from here today for the first time it was delicious! What a great treat since I’m celiac! Super happy!
Dianna Hawes

Amazing pizza and super healthy, first time here in Old Town Spring, will def recommended it and come back!!!! We’ll be back for the wine tasting on oct 11th, Skinny Pig Pizza Shack, will be our food destination!!!! Thanks for such great service April!!!!
Ana Arizola- Bernard

I loved this place is awesome best gluten pizza in town come on and try it!!… is located in Old Town Spring.
Claudia Gonzalez

EXCELLENT! Best Pizza I’ve had in a VERY, VERY Long time! Oh and it’s Gluten Free!! I will be back for sure! 🙂
Brandy Wells

I’ll never eat guacamole without bacon in it again! Delicious! Come out and support this local business!
Erin Galena

Awesome Pizza!
Luis Navarro

Enjoyed a delicious lunch here today with my son. Pleasantly surprised. A definite must try! I will be back.
Sheila Blue

Very good pizza. Perfect place to eat for anyone especially those trying to maintain a healthy diet.
Art Culley

Great low-carb GF pizza & desserts. I recommend the vanilla shortcake…yummy!
Paul Proske

My new go to place for gluten-free pizza. Absolutely fabulous crust…
Meredith Vogtman

My gluten free daughter loved it!
Carol Renee Holland

I had my second lunch visit in one week to the Skinny Pig and even brought home a take & bake pizza for dinner. I’m hooked!
Misses Mulligans

Was very good and heathy too! Healthy can taste good, give it a try!
Richard Galena

Facebook Reviews

“We’ll be back” Reviewed September 21, 2014
Excellent guilt-free pizza! The dine-in experience is pretty basic with simple seating and plastic utensils (and no on premises bathroom), but if you want awesome food prepared by the personable owner and members of her family put this place on your list. They also offer “cook at home” pizza to go which we fully intend to try soon.
Tom C
Spring, Texas

“Good Gluten Free Pizza”Reviewed September 1, 2014
The food was excellent. We started with the apple roasted bacon guacamole with cheese chips, the Full Boar Pizza and finished with the strawberries and cream shortcake. It was all good and gluten free. No cross contamination here. The Pizza crust was different, but very good. The owner is great, she comes out and engages with the customers and explains her menu. The restaurant is in a little shack, with plastic utensils and no restroom, but the food is the reason i’ll be back.

“Very Good Pizza”Reviewed July 27, 2014
This location is in Old Town Spring. When you see the doll hospital walk or turn down the driveway and it is located straight ahead. It is a small place but the pizza has Large flavor and great taste.

I am not watching my carbs but the pizza here is gluten free and low carb but taste GREAT. I have placed Skinny Pig pizza in my top 5 for very good pizza.

The young man who waited on us was great and we are considering coming back on Thursday 7/31 for the paint your pet art class and more great pizza(if our schedule permit).
Kingwood, Texas

Trip Advisor Reviews

5 rating October 18, 2014
As that I have celiac disease, we were so excited to find a completely gluten free restaurant so close to home! And best of all, my husband who doesn’t have to eat GF agreed that our dinner tasted AMAZING!!! Try the Full Boar and the Guacamole with Smoke Bacon and Cheese Chips; you won’t be disappointed!!!

5 rating October 10, 2014
excellent pizza and service…perfect!!

Taylor Johnson
5 rating October 09, 2014
The pizza was amazing and was excited to find out it was paleo as well as gluten free!! The crust was made of sausage and cheese, so no grains! We are def going back to try the paleo cakes soon. The owner and staff were very friendly and helpful.

5 rating September 20, 2014
LOVE this establishment !! WONDERFUL FOOD & absolutely NO FEAR of cross contamination!! Proprietor’s are very friendly and genuine!!!!

5 rating September 19, 2014
Wonderful cozy little restaurant. Outstanding food and friendly owners! So worth finding!

5 rating August 31, 2014
The best gluten-free pizza I’ve ever had! The Full Boar was amazing! The guacamole was also delicious! We will be back often!

5 rating August 30, 2014
Yummiest pizza in town and best of all the whole place is gluten free!

Leanne Dupont
5 rating August 29, 2014
The BEST gluten free pizza I’ve ever had!! Not like any other gluten free pizza because it’s not rice flour based. The owner/chef is a genius when it comes to thinking things and since she is gluten free herself, she really gets it! If you haven’t gone yet, GO!

5 rating August 02, 2014
Totally unexpected and absolutely fabulous. The pizza was amazing, great texture and taste. My new go to place for pizza!

5 rating August 02, 2014
it is phenomenal: ) not like anything ive ever tried before:) My favorite is the peppy pig:)

Find Me Gluten Free Reviews

🙂 Environment, Wait Time, Quality, Customer Service
Lovely and friendly place, we’ll go back and def recommend it!!!! 🙂 thank you for the great service!!!!

🙂 Quality, Environment, Customer Service
Food and service was fantastic!

🙂 Quality, Environment, Customer Service, Wait Time
Everything was excellent!! We will definitely be back & tell everyone about you guys


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