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Openings & Closings: Confusion at Osteria Mazzantini
By Molly Dunn Fri., Jul. 4 2014
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Bring a bottle of vino to the new BYOB pizzeria, Skinny Pig Pizza Shack, located just around the corner at 417 Gentry. Skinny Pig serves low-carb and gluten-free pizzas so you can “Pig Out, Lose Weight!” And just because the pizzeria goes light on the carbs, doesn’t mean they skimp on the flavor. Try the BBQ Porkie Pizza topped with pulled BBQ pork marinated in a low-carb BBQ sauce, Colby Jack cheese, red onions and a low-carb BBQ sauce on a pork and cheese crust. A quarter of a 12-inch pizza has eight net carbs.

Summer Date Night in Old Town Spring: Pizza and Wine
By Molly Dunn Thu., Jul. 10 2014 at 11:00 AM 1 Comment
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Skinny Pig Pizza Shack is a nice addition to Old Town Spring.
Old Town Spring is known for its antique stores, funky yard decorations and charm. But there is a lot more to this quaint neighborhood off of I-45 than just adorable vintage furniture and decorations. Old Town Spring is an excellent spot for a date night involving shopping, pizza and wine.
After walking through antique stores, looking at a few yard decorations and laughing at other silly décor, you and your significant other should stop by the newly-opened wine bar and shop, Envy Wine Room, then head over to another new establishment, Skinny Pig Pizza Shack, which is currently BYOB and only open Friday through Sunday.

Play a game of Jenga while waiting for your pizza outside Skinny Pig.
Envy Wine Room is half boutique and half wine room. In the words of the cashier, “We’re an adult Starbucks.” Envy sells a variety of wines by the bottle and the glass, including a few Prosecco and sparkling wine options. While just about any wine could pair well with a slice of pizza at Skinny Pig, a $22 bottle of Riesling from Washington State is an excellent choice as it is crisp, slightly sweet and refreshing. You can purchase it chilled or at room temperature, too — obviously, a chilled bottle is a wise decision in order to combat the summer heat.

Skinny Pig Pizza Shack isn’t your typical pizzeria. As the name implies, it’s a healthy pizza place serving low-carb and gluten-free pizzas. The barn-style shack has a pig statue on what will soon be the outdoor patio bar; there’s a flying pig in the corner of the patio; and there’s clever references to pigging out on the signs, walls and menus. Childish, sure, but it blends with the rest of Old Town Spring’s charm. As soon as Skinny Pig has a license to serve alcohol, the patio area will be a great place to play Jenga, sip on a beer or glass of wine, and nosh on low-carb pizza.

If the weather is nice (or if it has recently rained), relax on the covered patio and play a game of Jenga while waiting for your pies to come out of the kitchen. Those who have diabetes, are on a low carbohydrate diet or enjoy eating foods made with alternative ingredients will appreciate the variety of options at Skinny Pig. Those looking for a creative pie should try the Southern Comfort pizza made with a pork and cheese crust topped with smoked brisket, cheese, chunks of tomatoes, tomato sauce, basil and cilantro. The classic Cheezy Pig Pizza featuring a cheese crust and lots of mozzarella cheese is also a simple scrumptious option.
Each is served as a quarter of a whole pie, which is roughly the size of two large slices of regular pizza. Surprisingly, the crust was thick and chewy, just like one made of flour. The only difference is that it’s a bit saltier than regular dough, thanks to the cheese.

The crispy outer edge contrasted nicely to the rest of the soft pizza; it was crunchy, just like a cheese cracker. The low-carb and gluten-free factors shouldn’t deter you from trying Skinny Pig’s food. Each item has less carbs and includes lighter ingredients, but flavor has not been neglected. The Southern Comfort’s tender brisket combined with the thick cheese and pork crust, and chunky tomatoes tastes so good that you won’t believe it has only 530 calories (approximately).

Openings & Closings: Say Hello to Another Cupcake Shop
By Molly Dunn Fri., Aug. 1 2014
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July Openings

Restaurant News: Strack’s Restaurant closes doors
By Syd Kearney | July 2, 2014

The Skinny Pig Pizza Shack is now dishing low-carb gluten-free pies in Spring. In addition to thin-crust pizzas, the restaurant offers salad skewers, rutabaga fries and mini German chocolate cakes. 417 Gentry in Spring, 832-598-6605.

Now Open: Skinny Pig Pizza Shack
May 14, 2014

Skinny Pig Pizza Shack opened at 417 Gentry St., Ste. N. in Old Town Spring in early May. The restaurant serves low-carb, gluten-free gourmet pizza with no added sugar or corn syrup. Skinny Pig Pizza’s food is ideal for diabetics or those customers following a low-carb or wheat-restrictive diet. 832-598-6605.–klein-impacts/now-open%3A-skinny-pig-pizza-shack/


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